Wrongful Death

Utah Wrongful Death Attorneys

When a domestic partner, parent, spouse or child has been killed in an accident, the loss is sudden and devastating. In addition to the pain, grief and emotional loss, family members must deal with moving into the future without their loved one. It is at times like these that families turn to Salt Lake City’s wrongful death attorneys who can help make sense of the legal and financial aspects of the family’s loss, and obtain financial compensation from those responsible.

At the Ault Firm, our compassionate and experienced Utah wrongful death lawyers help the families of fatal accident victims secure the financial compensation necessary to adapt and move forward. Our wrongful death lawyers can represent survivors in seeking recovery of the expenses related to death, replace lost wages, and secure the survivors’ financial future. Our lawyers have represented husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers in litigation against those responsible and accountable for the serious and severe injuries that can result in death. Our lawyers have recovered huge sums of money for those that have been injured through settlement, arbitration, mediation and jury verdict. Our lawyers have successfully brought claims against insurance companies and other wrongdoers.

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If your family has suffered the loss of a loved one because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness or because of an accidental mishap, a medical disaster, a work-related injury, a defective product, or other wrongful conduct, talk to the Utah wrongful death lawyers at the Ault Firm with experience in confronting the person or insurance company or corporation that is responsible for your loss. At the Salt Lake City wrongful death law firm of the Ault Firm your initial consultation is free. We are fully committed to helping the survivors deal with the legal process to maximize their recovery for the negligence of others.

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