Assault and Battery

It is amazing how quickly mole hills become mountains, small tiffs become fights, and seemingly small charges become life long disabling marks on your record. Having an assault and battery charge against you is a red flag for employers, landlords, future in-laws, and the list goes on. Having a distinction like “assault and battery” on your record certainly sets you apart – and not in a good way.

The charges against you are serious.

Never should you take a misdemeanor or felony assault lightly. You need to protect yourself from the very real and long lasting consequences of the law. Assault and battery can carry stiff penalties if you are found guilty and have lifetime lasting consequences. The Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at the Ault Firm understand the lifetime impact an assault and battery charge can have on a person. This is one of the reasons we take a special interest in every one of these cases. We sincerely care about people, and fight for our clients’ freedoms and lives.

In Utah, if you have been charged with assault, the police are saying that you have violated code 76-5-102, which reads:

76-5-102. Assault.

(1) Assault is: (a) an attempt, with unlawful force or violence, to do bodily injury to another; (b) a threat, accompanied by a show of immediate force or violence, to do bodily injury to another; or (c) an act, committed with unlawful force or violence, that causes bodily injury to another or creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to another. (2) Assault is a class B misdemeanor. (3) Assault is a class A misdemeanor if: (a) the person causes substantial bodily injury to another; or (b) the victim is pregnant and the person has knowledge of the pregnancy. (4) It is not a defense against assault, that the accused caused serious bodily injury to another.

The police and prosecutor have decided that they are going to try to convict you. You need to decide that you want the charges dismissed.

Do I need to hire an assault and battery lawyer if I am innocent?

Unfortunately, the system is not perfect. Even though you may be innocent, the facts of the case could make you look guilty. Many factors are at work when it comes to determining the guilty and the innocent in a criminal case. Do you want to take the chance of representing yourself, and hope that the judge or jury will see your side of the case? Ensure that you are represented with a professional who knows the law, knows the court, and knows how to fight for your rights. Your life and the right to the quality of life you currently enjoy depend upon it – can you take the chance of conviction?

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