Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injuries Must be Taken Seriously

BrainInjuryTraumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, can result in the complete destruction of the victim’s  life. In many cases, traumatic brain injuries cause long-term or permanent physical, emotional, and mental difficulties that are misunderstood by friends, family, employers and others, placing a tremendous amount of stress on the victim. A traumatic brain injury is truly an ordeal for the person who suffers it. Injuries of this nature usually result in long-term medical, financial, and emotional damages for the person suffering the consequences.

In the US, the annual cost of care for victims of traumatic brain injuries is estimated at nearly $50 billion. We have not seen specific figures for Utah, but we have seen the personal costs to those injured, and they are huge.  The treatment required for a lifetime of care in Utah will almost always cost a substantial amount of money – sometimes the amount can reach into the tens of millions of dollars (for more information, see out blog post on “traumatic brain injuries” ).  The acute rehabilitation costs can average over $1000 a day, and this is only the beginning.  Home modifications can be required, as well as a home health nurse, or worse, a nursing home.  These things all cost money, and the injured person needs an aggressive Utah brain injury lawyer to help you evaluate your case, and to make sure the injured person is taken care of for the rest of his or her life. Brain injury victims suffer from enormous expenses. Many survivors of a severe traumatic brain injury are young adults who cannot go back to their jobs because of the careless and negligent actions of someone else.  Many people injured in an auto accident in Utah have mild traumatic brain injuries and do not even know it.  Long term effects such as headaches, depression, memory loss, lack of ability to concentrate, and other things can be the signs of a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, and you may need to seek medical help if you experience these things after an accident.  With the proper assistance, many people are able to regain their normal lives, although many others are never able to be the person they were before the accident.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are generally classed as mild, moderate, or severe. Mild brain injuries usually result in a brief loss of consciousness, and a slight change in mental state at the time of the injury. Moderate brain injuries can result from a sudden and direct change in velocity to the brain, such as a violent shaking, or from a direct blow to the head.  The victim might lose consciousness for minutes or hours, and may remain in a confused state for days or weeks. A severe brain injury usually results from a blow to the head that causes immediate and substantial outwardly-apparent injury (blood), and oftentimes results in permanent brain damage or even death. A traumatic brain injury can include concussions, contusions (brusies), diffuse anoxia (loss or lack of oxygen) and penetration.

How Brain Injuries Occur

A wide variety of things cause traumatic brain injuries to the people of Utah.  About 25% of all traumatic brain injuries occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents.  Sports injuries and other physical activity injuries make up about another 20%.  Injuries from personal assaults and violence make up about another 10% of brain traumas.

If you or someone you know has exhibited some of the symptoms described above, you may have a traumatic brain injury.  These are already some of the most complex cases to deal with, but when the insurance companies become involved, they only get worse. Insurance companies take a great interest in the settlement of these suits, because they are among the most monetarily draining personal injury cases that an insurance company in Utah will face. Therefore, they defend these cases vigorously.

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(See our blog on traumatic brain injuries for more information.)