Spinal Cord Injuries

The diagnosis of a spinal cord injury is devastating news for the patient and his or her family.  The Salt Lake City injury attorneys at the Ault Firm, P.C., are leaders in maximizing recoveries for people who have suffered catastrophic spinal cord injuries.

The focus of our practice is to help individuals and their families after devastating trauma has ruined their lives. Our goal is to make a substantial financial difference in their lives and to restore, to the full extent of the law, what has been taken from them.

We know that our clients need a result that will last a lifetime, because as with all injuries of this nature, a spinal cord injury will last a lifetime.

We are a specialized personal injury law firm that focuses on winning major injury cases. We devote substantial resources in proving liability. We employ leading experts and use state of the art technology to present cases at trial.

Salt Lake Injury Attorneys Willing to Fight For You

Our experience, extraordinary resources and readiness have earned us a national reputation and a national practice representing plaintiffs in spinal cord injury cases for nearly our entire careers. A spinal cord injury can happen to anyone – at virtually any time, in a variety of situations. We have represented victims of spinal cord injuries who were injured in many different settings and situations. Some of those include:

We work hard and leave nothing to chance. We have brought in verdicts for huge sums of money for clients facing lifetime disabilities from spinal cord injuries. The insurance industry and defense lawyers that we work against know that we are always prepared, and that we always negotiate from a position of strength, which maximizes recoveries for our clients.

Call us today at (801) 539 – 9000 to set up your free initial consultation.  If we don’t recover anything, you pay us nothing for our time.

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