The courtroom can be a very daunting place for someone who does not know the system and the process. With the legal system, some mistakes cannot be corrected. It is important that you have someone on your side that knows the Rules of Civil Procedure, or the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Let our knowledge and experience work for you in the courtroom.

One thing that many people, even some attorneys, do not understand is that sometimes how you say something is just as or more important than what you actually say. This can become even more important when you are before a judge and jury. If you have decided to hire an attorney, you want someone that will make a good impression on your behalf, both in and out of the courtroom. We can help you make sure that you get someone that will make a favorable impression anywhere.

Experienced Utah Litigation Attorneys.

We have worked on all types of cases before judges in many districts and cities in Utah. We are willing to travel if the case demands it. Our experience runs the gamut of the legal system, and whether you have a dispute over ownership of a business, a child custody problem, or a multi-million dollar personal injury case, we have likely seen something very similar before. We cannot control the facts of the cases we take on, but we can and do marshal those facts to our clients’ benefit. We can help you with any size of case.  If your case requires more specialized knowledge that we possess, we will invite other counsel in to assist us.

We can work within your budget constraints, and will take many cases on a contingency basis (meaning we may not charge you up front, but instead will collect a percentage of the recovery we are able to secure for you). You might have heard that most cases settle before trial. This is true. Cases settle because everyone involved knows the likely range of outcomes and then those involved come to an agreement to prevent the unlikely – though perhaps more favorable outcome – from happening. You can increase your odds of having a favorable settlement by preparing for a trial. Making sure that the other side views the facts of your case the same way you do is critical to obtaining your desired verdict. You must hire an attorney that can help you get the facts out in the best way possible, and if necessary, take your case all the way to and through a trial. Many attorneys are not willing to try your case, and will instead try to convince you to agree to a settlement that may be less than fair. We will not try to convince you to settle unless it is in your best interests, and we will tell you the likelihood of obtaining a better verdict at trial. For us, trial can be one of the most rewarding experiences of being an attorney – but not all lawyers feel this way.

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You may have options that you are not aware of. You may also have obligations that you are not aware of. We would be happy to sit down with you and look at the facts of your case, sometimes at no charge. We cannot do any of this until you get in touch with us – so give us a call at to schedule a free consultation today.