Joshua M. Fawson

joshuah fawson criminal defense attorney utahJoshua (“Josh”) Fawson is a Tooele Attorney that was born and raised in Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah. He learned how to be heard in a family of 6 kids on a farm in a small community. Before deciding to become an Attorney in Utah, Josh pursued other endeavors. He worked his way from installing carpet to managing a local carpet retailer; he has done door to door alarm sales; and perhaps his proudest achievement is meeting and convincing the love of his life to marry him in his early twenties.
Josh attended the University of Utah where he obtained a Bachelors or Science in both Interpersonal Communications and Philosophy. After graduating college, Josh decided that he wanted to explore Virginia Beach with his young family and took them to the Regent University school of law, graduating in 2011.
He knew that he wanted to come back to be a Salt Lake Criminal Defense Attorney, as law school had taught him there were two types of lawyers: those with a prosecutor mind set, and those with a criminal defense mind set. He found early on that he had a passion for advocating on behalf of criminal defendants. Josh enjoys the opportunity to help people accused of crimes navigate the ins and outs of a complex legal system.
While in law school Josh returned to Utah for the summers and spent them working with an attorney in Tooele Utah, and an attorney in Orem Utah. Upon completion of law school Josh returned to Tooele and began his legal career.
Josh discovered that he was a passionate criminal defense attorney when he began practicing for a large criminal defense law firm in West Jordan, Utah. He was the front line, in the trenches guy, and that has led him to be an attorney that calls it how it is. He has learned that filling clients with rainbows and butterflies leads to unhappy client – he has taken on other attorneys cases where they gave the client unrealistic expectations that just led to the clients spending more money than they should, trying to get unrealistic results. If you want a Salt Lake Attorney that will tell you how it is, hire Josh. If you want a Utah Attorney that will tell you what you want to hear and let the judge give you the bad news there are a number of other attorneys that you can hire.
While doing primarily criminal defense early in his career Josh was given the opportunity to become a trial lawyer. A trial lawyer is different from other attorneys in that they think about how the evidence will work with a jury. The perspective is that of your attorney looking at the outcome at trial rather than a plea deal, or some other resolution prior to trial. While cases usually resolve prior to trial, it is important to be ready to take the case to trial as it never possible to know which will settle.
When Josh came to the Ault Firm in 2014, he had only some experience in family law. Since being here his practice has expanded to include both Utah Divorce and Utah Custody cases. Josh has continued his Utah trial successes while at the Ault Firm, and in addition to his continuing criminal defense work successes he has had successes in family law including getting Utah protective orders dismissed, and beating a custody evaluator at trial in Salt Lake City.
Communication with clients is an area in which many local attorneys struggle. However, Josh prides himself on communication with clients, and will freely give his cell phone so that he can be easily contacted. He promises to be forthright and honest with his clients; advising them regarding the unique set of facts that each client finds themselves in.